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Haftanın enerji içeceği: Ocak 31

31 Jan

Sabahtan beri dinlediğim bambaşka bir şarkı var ama buraya koysam enerji içeceği değil haftanın gözyaşı şişesi olur.

Eğlendik bununla haftasonu doriyodadoriyoda diyerek.. Siz de eğlenin:

She turns to look… Is it the prince or another challenger?

25 Jan

This is a guest post from Jason Lau as an imaginative story of this photo.

It’s a dry summer day – a dry wind, a dry sun. The heat in the air rests heavy on her brow, trickling in small beads like ants making their way down the side of her face. It’s difficult to breathe outside in such weather; much better to set up camp in front of the TV across from the steady rotation of the fan rather than venture outside, but the dread of chores yet undone, and the sudden shrill call of her mother, pushes her to cast open the screen door.

A rusty bike, a homemade swing, and a plastic ball make their dwelling out here amidst the weeds and dirt. She goes out to greet them. Upon their embrace the soft crackling of leaves sitting out in the garden brings forth images of buttery popcorn at the movie theater, followed by the image of cold air conditioning at the movie theater. She shivers at the thought, and smiles.

Here, within the confines of these low brick walls, together with the rusty bike, the homemade swing and the plastic ball, she is princess and ruler all rolled into one. “May all bow at my feet,” she chuckles, scattering her subjects across the field. Not one dares to complain. But the prince would have said something. Even the all-powerful princess needs her prince: the one who will lift her up to touch the sky, the one who tells her which piece to play during backgammon, the one who calls her “canım”.

She leans back against the soft plastic seat, step-step-step backwards, then release with legs outstretched. Apex – bend knees – fly back – apex – stretch legs; over and over, each repetition bringing her a bit higher, one centimeter closer to the sky.

What if I could set my hands free to feel the rush of air? What if I could stretch out my arms rather than my legs, wave them and fly? What if I too could join the sky?

There was the evening when the prince took her to watch the night filled with stars, and then patiently spoke their each and every name. There was the weekend the two of them scampered out to the field with a homemade contraption the prince called a “uçurtma” and tried to make it soar across the pale cloudless sky. There was the promise of boarding a real airplane together so she could see the entire world spread out like ants and anthills at her feet.

Apex – bend knees – fly back – apex – stretch legs. The dry wind rushes past her cheeks, ruffling her curly hair tied up in a bun, back and forth. “If only I could reach the sky”, she murmurs.

But that was a long time ago. The prince hasn’t been around for a while now. Loud voices, pitched screaming, slamming doors, and a note of finality befitting of silence accompanied by soft whimpers from the kitchen was the last sounds the prince left with the princess, once upon a blue moon eve. In the darkness of her bedroom, playing her role as a sleeping sheep, she could only grasp at the sounds of his departure, nothing more. He went off into the sky, never ever to return, her mother always reminds her.

One moment the sky seems so close, within the reach, just a bit further. The next she is swept back the other directions, staring at dirt and struck by the reality of gravity. That is until the next moment.

But airplanes always land, homemade kites flutter back down to rest, and even stars sometimes fall from the sky back to earth. If she cannot reach the sky, perhaps the sky will come to meet her, perhaps the prince will wander back down from above once again.

The gate creaks open. She looks.

Haftanın Enerji İçeceği: Ocak 24

24 Jan

Heaven can wait

And hell’s too far ago


Fazla yazasım da yok üstüne..


Haftasonu neşesi: Ocak 21

21 Jan


Hem gençsin, hem güzelsin, hem sesin güzel, hem klibin güzel, hem klipteki abi güzel, hem gitar çalabiliyorsun, hem Jason Mraz’la Lucky adlı şarkıda düet yaptın.. Allah seni ne yapmasın..

Haftanın Enerji İçeceği: Ocak 18

18 Jan

Dünden beri enerji içeceği koyacağım, allahım melankoliden melankoliye sürüklenmekten bir türlü koyamadım.

Sebepsiz, “atın beni denizlere” kıvamındayım sayın okur.

Her neyse.. Bu haftamızın enerji içeceği Nouvelle Vague‘dan tanıyıp sevdiğimiz Marc Collin‘in film müzikleri üzerine yaptığı bir başka proje olan Hollywood, Mon Amour‘dan gelsin. “Arthur’s Theme” ya da “Best That You Can Do” olarak geçer, sevimli şirincecik bir şeydir. Aslen 1981 yapımı Dudley Moore ve Liza Minelli‘nin oynadığı Arthur filminin müziğidir. Bunu dinleyelim, günümüz güzel geçsin, değil mi yaa..

talk to me: Maria Callas

14 Jan

“When music fails to agree to the ear, to soothe the ear and the heart and the senses, then it has missed its point.”

filmlerden öğrendiklerim #3

13 Jan

Size Cennet gibi gelen bir yer, başkasının Cehhennem’i olabilir. En iyisi, Araf’a çıkıp, şöyle bir etrafa bakmak..  Tottenham da fena takım değildir şimdi Allah için..






.. In Bruges (2008)..